100g Skien of Super Soft Yarn Oat

100g Skien of Super Soft Yarn Oat


Find a unique yarn for your next project with this 100g Skien of Super Soft Yarn oat. With its beautiful color and luxurious feel, this yarn will make your products exceptional. 

Whether you are looking to knit a cozy scarf, a pair of comfy socks, or create luxurious home décor accessories, this yarn will meet your needs. The style of craft you are working on does not matter. This sturdy yarn is perfect as it will not fray or loosen over time.

When selecting the best yarn, you must consider the type of project you are working on. Will it be something that should withstand wear and tear, or is it more of an exhibition piece? This super soft yarn in the color oat will give you all that and more. 

The yarn is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Moreover, it is made from natural fibers that retain warmth and stay cool in summer. The color oat gives a neutral look that works well, but you can mix it with other colors to make it your own.

This 100g skein super soft yarn oat is produced in County Mayo, Ireland, from 100% soft merino wool. It gives a smooth, comfortable knitting experience as the skein packaging is tangle resistant. 

With a needle size of 3.75mm-4.5mm, this yarn is easy to work with for both beginners and experienced crafters. Here are other unique features of this super soft yarn oat: 

  • Wrinkle-resistant textile that prevents wear and tear after extended use
  • Thick yarn fiber to create warm and cozy garments
  • Water-repellent fabric to prevent dampness when wet
  • Lightweight material that creates comfortable clothing
  • Incredible softness for optimum comfort