100g Skien of Super Soft Yarn Ocean Grey

100g Skien of Super Soft Yarn Ocean Grey


Are you hoping to find a beautiful yarn in the perfect shade of ocean gray? This 100g skein of super soft yarn ocean gray has you covered.

This lovely yarn is made with many plies firmly twisted together and brushed fibers, making it soft and resistant to fraying. With this yarn, you will love knitting or crocheting, as its structure gives each stitch a lovely halo effect and excellent definition. 

Since it’s packaged in a skein, it doesn’t tangle when in use or storage, so you can use it for multiple projects. This yarn can knit ponchos, capelets, pullovers, cardigans, and mittens. It’s also suitable for creating accessories and home décor crafts.

The super soft yarn ocean gray is produced from 100% soft merino wool, which naturally repels odors, does not itch or irritate, and wicks sweat. This yarn feels silky to the touch and complements any skin tone due to its neutral hue. 

In County Mayo, Ireland, this super soft yarn is methodically produced by a family-owned business that prioritizes the high quality of its products. The ocean gray color goes well with bright and dark shades, making the yarn versatile for crafting various projects. 

The 100-gram skein is suitable for small and large projects as it contains about 232 yards of yarn. Use this yarn with 3.75 mm - 4.5 mm needles for a pleasant knitting or crocheting experience. Other features include:

  • Ocean grey is a neutral color that matches well with other colors
  • 100g skein enough for your small project
  • Super soft yarn that is easy to work with 
  • Needle size 3.75-4.5mm