100g Skien of Super Soft Yarn Slate Grey

100g Skien of Super Soft Yarn Slate Grey


Looking for the right yarn for your next knitting project? Consider 100g Skein of Super Soft Yarn Slate Grey. This yarn has a good stitch definition, making it knit beautifully with a consistent appearance.

Because it's made from 100%  merino wool, this yarn is super fine, soft, stylish, and luxurious, making it ideal for baby blankets.

Merino wool also has great insulation properties making it the right yarn for knitting sweaters, mittens, scarfs, hiking socks, and hats. When it's cold, the fibers crimp and bend air keeping you warm; when it's warm, the fibers absorb sweat quickly, keeping you cool. Similarly, the fibers absorb rainwater, making it perfect for sowing raincoats.

This yarn is also perfect for knitting clothes that come in close contact with the skin because it does not irritate and it's completely itch-free.

The yarn's natural memory and elasticity make it easy on the hands. It can stretch and still go back to its original shape. In addition, its memory and elasticity make it one of the most versatile fibers for knitting and crocheting. This means it can be sewn in different ways and make garments that can stretch and retain their original shape.

The yarn is great for beginners because working with it is simple. You can also knit with an even tension because of its elasticity. 100g Skein of Super Soft Yarn Slate Grey is highly durable, which is great if you are sowing garments that need enduring yarn. Other unique features include: 

  •  Grey color is perfectly neutral, making it easy to pair with anything
  • 100% soft Merino wool that creates comfortable garments
  • UV protection properties that keep UV radiation away
  • Moisture-wicking textile that prevents clamminess
  • Stain-resistant material that’s easy to care for
  • Sustainable material that’s highly ecological