01/11 - About the Sweater Shop

The Sweater Shop opened it's doors for the first time in 1986, when the first branch was opened in Dublin. The founder, Dom Byrne, worked for one of the major knitwear manufacturer for the previous ten years, where he learned the technical side of knitting by hand, machine and the details of the various wools.

He discovered a sweater specialist store in the west coast of USA, while on his visit to sell his sweaters. Having considered it for a long time, he decided to open first of the Sweater Shop branches in Dublin selling popular warm Irish sweaters, as well as other top quality Irish designer clothing and University of Dublin - Trinity College official merchandise.

For 27 years the Sweater Shop has always ensured to sell knitwear that is of the highest grade, and to carry a great selection of traditional designs, as well as, following fashion trends and offering the best possible prices!

At present there are 5 branches across Ireland. Two of them in Dublin City, two in Galway in the West of the country and one in Kilkenny.

The Sweater Shop sells the knitwear to tourists and locals alike and has a reputation for friendly and helpful staff

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