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  • An Irish Aran Sweater Displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York!

    The Irish Aran sweater an instantly recognisable iconic style worthy of a place among the Museum of Modern Arts landmark fashion garments.

    The definition of a classic, in many ways, is how well something stands the test of time, and what meaning it acquires therewith. While the Irish Aran cable sweater has gone through a century of waxing and waning fortunes, today it stands included among 111 fashion garments selected for an upcoming exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) IN New York. The inclusion of an Aran among carefully selected iconic items that have defined fashion over the last century is a clear nod to the artisan craft of Irish knitwear.

    An array of style icons has been captured wearing the famous Irish wool Aran jumper at various points throughout the last century. Yet its the stories that people tell today that attest to the importance of this craft for generations throughout the years. Its the fact that our parents and grandparents have gone through college wearing an Aran hand-knitted by their grandmothers; the way we too would leave the house for college borrowing mum or dads Aran jumper; and, the memories of kissing our sweetheart for the first time - while wearing that oversized borrowed Aran sweater to the cinema date.

    Remember all the slagging you may have got for being dressed (by mum - against your will) in Irish sweaters when in school, erstwhile? There seems to be a million lightyears between those days of having to defend your cool against the odds - wearing a frumpy Aran sweater, and the sexiness of it all when considering that Grace Kelly could pull it off, never mind that it is about to go on display alongside the Birkin bag and a pair of Levis 501!

    I still claim to have brought the Aran cable sweater back from the dead all by myself, in the mid 2000s, when I was the only local kid on Trinity College Dublin campus sporting a garment that was otherwise considered by the Irish themselves albeit, for a brief period only as a piece of nostalgic touristy gimmicks. And who knows who copied whom this time around on fashions carousel of revivals, but one things for sure: that comeback was for good. There is today no better way to express character than to get your Aran knit on - the array of choice picks is astounding. Different Aran strokes for different folks, perhaps All of which - so long as its Aran stitches now instantly recognizable as part of that enchanting tale of the Aran sweater that the MoMA exhibition has set out to tell

    The Irish Aran Sweater Displayed

    Irish aran sweater New York

    A modern version of the Irish Aran Sweater


  • 4th of July & Irish Aran Cable knit Throws!

    Treat your loved ones this 4th of July with one of our luxurious Irish Aran throws in Merino wool! The story of the Aran tradition comes alive in the cables, diamonds, and moss patterns among an array of beautifully composed stitches that you can drape over your living room couch, your favourite chair, or the end of a bed or bring with you to the beach or to the park for your 4th of July picnic. Show off your Irish roots in an authentic Irish Aran cable knit throw. We have a range of colours in two tone compositions besides the classic creamy Aran white soft lime green, fuchsia, and black/charcoal. There is nothing like the play of pattern to lend any room a sense of cosy comfort, while you sip on a cup of tea, read a novel or doze off with the hum of a tv series in the background Beautiful, soft, and warm these throws are to be shared and enjoyed for years, so gift yourself a quality Aran throw and have a great 4th of July!

  • Light weight Irish Aran Sweaters for Summer

    The Irish Aran Cable knit Sweater is no longer necessarily a heavy layer for the depths of winter: we have been adding fantastic light-weight knitwear to that tradition for a while now. Not only can a lighter Aran be worn during the warmer seasons fabrics in soft Merino wool and cashmere are finer, so the stiches and finish appear elegant, dainty, and offer more versatility and ways to wear them than ever before. Our range of light Aran sweaters and cardigans offers the ladies some truly fun, smart, and feminine styles in fresh pastel colours, or, in deeper shades to cover all seasons. The guys have some great numbers to choose from also! Not mention the chic unisex option women have with these cabled jumpers should they so desire


    A light cabled Aran sweater is doubtless quite a statement in the summer - when hot days in tees and dresses run into cooler nights at a concert, or on a late holiday stroll through bustling fairy-lit city streets. Carefree and ready to embrace all that summer has to offer - are words that best describe the attitude for which we have created some beautiful pieces: as easy to throw on over a pair of jeans, a jumpsuit, or the beach dress.
    Choosing a thinner layer in soft wool and cashmere is quite the mark of a savvy dresser, for it is perhaps the best kept secret that natural fabrics - like wool and cotton - are far more breathable than synthetics. Natural fibres make for smart fabrics - they dissipate excess heat and moisture. So, believe me when I say, dancing through an entire gig with one of these sweaters on, just as running around the block with errands on a sunny summers day is not only doable, but quite cool


  • Celebrating 30 years in Business: An Irish Family Business

    In the early 1980s, The owner, Dom Byrne was working for Gaeltarra knitwear, selling Irish Aran sweaters in the States, when he noticed a gap in the Irish market for a speciality sweater store. Speciality clothing shops were unusual at the time in the country so The Sweater Shop was the first of its kind to open in Ireland. Originally targeting the domestic market with a large variety of sweaters, all made in a natural fibre, mainly from lambswool, angora, mohair, cottons or chunky wool, the shop on Wicklow Street, became a favourite among locals for their winter woollies. Shortly after this, The Sweater Shop opened branches in Kilkenny and Galway.

    Knitwear will always be an important part of Irish style. One of Dublins much loved stores The Sweater Shop on Nassau Street has gained a reputation for traditional and contemporary knitwear, cashmere and fine merino wool separates and accessories to suit men and women of all ages is celebrating 30 years in business this year.

    Knitwear has changed considerably since The Sweater Shop opened in 1986, with the early 1990s seeing novelty, fun bobble sweaters with graphics in mainly mohair, angora or lambswool, taking a front seat then slowly shifting to a more sophisticated look with Chenille plain tunics and crew necks becoming popular. Aran sweaters remained a staple in the shops throughout the years and a constant favourite among the tourist visitors. The popularity of our beloved Aran sweater has seen peaks and troughs in the fashion industry with the 1990s seeing the Aran sweater as frumpy and old fashioned however one of the most en vogue knitwear pieces of the season in noughties! Merino wool and Cashmere blends are now the yarn of choice for customers - Merino wool, coming from New Zealand, is a constant favourite as it is softer than pure wool and keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer so is the perfect all year round garment. Cashmere is the softest and most luxurious yarn coming from the under belly of a goat, giving off the incredibly soft feel, however 100% Cashmere is expensive to buy so a blend ie. 90% Merino, 10% Cashmere gives the soft touch of cashmere but for half the price.

    The knits of today are getting lighter, softer and have more flow so designs and wools are changing to suit climates and consumer tastes. Cashmere and wool blends mixes have seen a big revival. Colour tones are really making an impact on Autumn/Winter 16 knitwear trends. Along with anchoring earth tones and rich creams, exuberant pops of vibrant colours - blue skies represent constancy as they are always above us. Greys give a feeling of stability, red tones invite confidence and warmth, while the hot pinkish purples and spicy mustard yellows suggest a touch of the exotic. From traditional cable knits, to fine wools to ponchos and capes The Sweater Shop will have a style to suit you and your budget.

    Sunday Business Post Article on 30 Years in Business

    The Sweater Shop is in three locations in Ireland - Dublin, Nassau Street, Kilkenny, Highstreet and Galway, Abbeygate Street. Nassau Street is the flagship store they have just redeveloped their website and ship internationally on <a href=""></a>

  • Aran Summer Style For Ladies

    Here at The Sweater Shop we count the Aran Sweater as one of those timeless classics that can be worn all year round, even in Summer!

    Summer definitely is the season of fun with days spent at the beach, music festivals, BBQs and picnics galore! With all this socializing youll want to make sure your look is on point and ready for Summer adventure!

    We have been looking for some Summer inspiration to update our Aran look for this season, so here are our tips on how to style your favourite Aran Sweater this Summer:


    Ready For The Festival


    This is one of our favourite looks for this Summer. This casual and chic look pairs denim cut offs with an oversized aran sweater. Perfect festival attire and for keeping warm on those breezy summer evenings.

    Simple & Elegant


    Fashion icon Alexa Chung pairs her Aran sweater with a knee length skirt for a classy and elegant look. This look is a perfect ensemble for any summer night.

    Folk Style


    Create this season's popular Folk look by pairing an Aran Sweater with a long flowing maxi skirt and sandals. Pastels are a summertrend, so wear your Aran Sweater with light shades of pink and purple for the perfect summery girly look.

    Dress It Up


    Glam up your classic jeans and sweater combination with a pair of statement heels. Stay relaxed and comfortable on those long summer evenings while giving a hint of glamour with court heels.

    The Sweater Shopwould love to see your Aran Summer style, find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and show us us how you style your Aran Sweater.

  • Aran Irish Sweater Style Inspiration

    The Aran Irish sweater is a timeless piece of Irish heritage but it has also become a fashionable wardrobe staple for many celebrities. Recent collections from high end designers such as JW Anderson, Christopher Kane and Alexander McQueen have confirmed the Aran Sweater is here to stay!

    Here are our favourite A list celebrities sporting the Aran look and our top tips to style it like a celebrity!


    Keep it classic and simple like Kate Bosworth with a cream honeycomb stitch aran sweater. This sweater looks best when it is slightly over sized and has that 'boyfriend' look.




    Style your summer tee and shorts with an Aran Cardigan for those cooler evenings for the perfect Summer Festival look.






    Supermodel Gisele Bundchen on a H&M Shoot in Chelsea today

    Create an effortlessly chic look like Gisele Bunchen, with a cowl neck Aran sweater paired with denim jeans.











    Keep it casual like Robert Pattinson and wrap up on cold summer evenings with an Irish shawl collar style Aran Sweater.

  • Aran Jumper Knitting Patterns

    The stitches that create the Aran knitting patterns are intricate and complex with a typical Aran Sweater using over 100,000 stitches, and may take several months to finish.

    Here are some of Sweater Shop'sfavourite traditional Aran knitting patterns

    Cable Stitch

    The cable stitch was originally used to represent a fishermans ropes and some fishermen believed that wearing one would ensure a good day at sea. There are many different type of cable stitches and this style is arguably one of the easier Aran stitches to master. The cabling technique involves crossing one stitch over another. The row on which the stitches crossed over each other is known as the turning row. After the turning row, several plain rows are worked, followed by another turning row.

    cable stitch

    Diamond Stitch

    The diamond stitch symbolises the fields on the Aran islands. According to Aran legend this stitch represents hopes of good luck, success and wealth in farming for the inhabitants of the Aran Islands.


    Zig Zag stitch

    The Aran zig zag stitches are said to represent the highs and low of matrimony and life. The stitch also represents the twisting cliff paths that are synonymous with the Aran Islands.

    zig zag


    Honeycomb stitch

    The honeycomb stitch represents both hard work and its rewards. The Honeycomb stitch is said locally to bring luck and in the case of fishermen; a good and plentiful catch.Each honeycomb stitch pattern takes eight rows, and the rows are repeated to create the patterns.


    Moss Stitch

    The moss stitch is symbolic of a good harvest, it represents abundance and growth. It is said to depict carrageen moss, a type of seaweed found on the Irish coast, which is used as a fertiliser for fields.It is often used as a filler in diamond stitching.


  • Celebrating St Patrick's Day? Send us a selfie and you could win USD100 or 100 worth of genuine Irish knitwear from Sweater Shop

    St.Patricks Day is a special time of year for Sweater Shop. Its a day to celebrate being Irish, loving Ireland and, of course, being thankful that good oul St Pat banished all them snakes from the land!

    What better way to celebrate the festive day than to dress up in your favourite Aran sweater, cardigan, poncho or scarf? Join the Patricks Day festivities by uploading a selfie in your favourite Aran itemand be in with a chance to win a USD100 or 100 Sweater Shop gift voucher!


    On Facebook: upload your photo, tag SweaterShop and use #aranselfie

    On Twitter: tweet your photo to @SweaterShopIrland use #aranselfie

    On Instagram: post to @sweatershopirlusing the hashtag #aranselfie

    Please note that, if you enter, we reserve the right to use your photo in the News section of Also you need to upload your photo before 23:59 Irish time on Weds18th March.

    Good luck, and happy St Patrick's Day from all of us here at the Sweater Shop.

  • Make Your Friends Green with Envy this St.Patricks Day!

    St.Patrick's Day isjust around the corner and we are busy prepping for our favourite day of the year! As lovers of the Aran sweater, we think it is the perfect time to show off your Irish rootsbywearing aclassic yet stylish Irish Aran sweater. We have a variety of colours, styles and sizes to suit everyone's needs. Here in the Sweater Shop, we all with be rocking an Aran sweater this year on March 17th. If you are lucky enough to be visiting our fair city this year on Paddy's Day, be sure to call into one of our stores and we will make sure to give you some tips on the best spots and local happenings during this festive period! If you are celebrating St.Patricks Day in your home country remember to place your order for your Irish sweater in time for the big day!

    Check out some of our lovely Irish Aran Sweaters and the different ways to style them!








  • Ireland's Creative Showcase

    On January 18th, Ireland's Creative Showcase began in the RDS in Dublin. We picked up our new collection of beautiful Irish Aran Sweaters and Irish accessories. We will have our new stock online and in store from the end of February for Men, Women and Children! Make sure to keep an eye out for these new arrivals! See below a selection of photos from the event. If you would like to read more about this showcase, click on the followinglink:

    creative showcase 1

    creative showcase 2

    creative showcase 3

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