Summer Gift Guide: 15 Sweaters and Accessories That Would Make Perfect Gifts For Loved Ones

Woollen bags, scarves, sweaters, hats, and more; you would be amazed at the range of year-round knitwear that makes a highly suitable gift for a special occasion.

A carefully selected sweater or accessory can send a strong message of warmth for events like weddings, birthdays, and christenings.

Merino wool clothing keeps you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather. A breathable, easy-to-care for product that never wrinkles, it makes the ideal gift. Check out these specially selected items below for some ideas!

Accessories for Everybody

  1. Two toned plated Aran throw

Made from cozy Merino wool, this beautiful item would go well at the end of a bed or draped over a couch.

  1. Adult Aran cable knit slippers

With cable knit stitching throughout and an anti-slip sole, the recipient of this beautiful gift will be grateful for these on cooler evenings throughout the year.

  1. Merino Aran picnic blanket

This blanket is perfect for taking on picnics to the park or beach or for using on a bed or couch.

  1. Aran peak cable hat

This one-size fits all, oatmeal-colored hat & mittens set is a great gift that would look stylish on people of any age.

Gifts for Women

  1. Super soft Merino wool one size poncho

An incredibly adaptable gift that can be worn by women of any size and most situations. The recipient of this gift could wear it outside, inside, while hiking, on a date, or even at more formal events.

  1. Ladies Aran tunic sweater

With generous Irish Aran cable knit and an intricate scalloped hem, this elegant sweater would look lovely on women of any age. It comes in four different sizes so there's something for everybody.

  1. Magenta Flapper cap

This 100% wool cap has an elasticized back for a snug fit and a design that blends the old with the new.

  1. One size 100% wool Irish shawl

Available in gray or natural color, this shawl is unique, with fashionable fringes and a special colored stripe.

  1. Ladies ribbed cardigan fisherman out of Ireland

The horizontal ribs on this cardigan look stunning. This practical and stylish item can be worn year-round.

  1. Cotton crafted poncho Millhouse-spice red

A wonderful addition to any wardrobe, this wrap will keep women snug in summer. Based on Irish heritage and traditional Aran patterns, this wrap makes people feel and look great. Hand crafted, this gift is one size fits all.

Gifts for Men

  1. Men's flat cap patchwork wool

Men of all ages will appreciate this traditional flat cap, synonymous with Irish style, and evoking warmth and approachability. This cap has been individually made from patches of Irish tweed, ensuring that each one is unique.

  1. Men's fisherman full-zip cardigan

Made of 100% merino wool, this sweater looks great worn over a t-shirt or polo neck with the zipper up or down. It comes in various gentle colors such asdenim marl, light gray marl, and more.

  1. Men's Fisherman Guinness sweater

This stylish item has a crew neck and a black, gray and white gradient design. A luxurious and soft sweater, the recipient of this gift will wear it for a lifetime.

  1. 100% lambswool V-neck ink

Made of light-weight wool, this item is perfect for spring and summer. It goes well with jeans and over a well-loved shirt for a sophisticated look.

  1. Traditional grandfather shirt

This collarless shirt with a relaxed fit is worn by the young and old throughout Ireland. Also known as a Sunday shirt, it is particularly great for a date, or a semi-casual to formal event.