The Aran Sweater - still en vogue!

This time of year calls for wrapping up and what better way to do so than in a cosy Irish Aran Sweater! Over the last few years, the Aran Sweater has shaken off its frumpy image and is now considered one of the most en vogue pieces of knitwear to have for Autumn Winter.

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The Aran Sweater was featured on run ways all over the world in the last few years so one might think that the cable knit cream sweater has seen its day however it would seem from celebrities winter outfits and designer's latest creations, our favourite Irish Aran Sweater is only growing in popularity.
This year, we saw Fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger bring out his own version of the beloved Irish Aran Sweater. It's a cropped turtleneck with the Aran stitch featuring on the front! It shows how popular the Irish Aran Sweater still is and how far it has come in its style variation.

Aran Sewater Sweater Shop

What was once known as old fashioned now is a wardrobe stable and gives off an air of class and taste. The beauty of the Aran Sweater is that it lasts a life time -it is one of those wardrobe essentials, along with blue jeans, that will never go astray in your clothing collection! Every Irish person has a story of their experience with an Aran Sweater - whether they were given one as a child, "borrowed" their parents or swapped with their friends, it's a story every Irish person has - which is why tradition is such a big part of the Irish Aran Sweater. The quintessential Irish Aran Sweater has come so far in terms of its fame around the world and means so much to so many of us. Having an Aran Sweater in your wardrobe is like having a little piece of Ireland right there in your home.
The Aran Sweater is really versatile and goes with almost every outfit - perfect for wearing with jeans while Christmas shopping or at night with a skirt. The Aran Sweater is also perfect for in door use with many loving to wear it with leggings and slippers around the fire. It feels and looks amazing so that's why it can be worn for so many different occasions.

Aran SweatersThe Aran Sweater, comes in all shapes and sizes! We are proud to stock Aran Cardigans, Aran Ponchos, Aran Blankets, Aran Gloves, Aran Scarves to name a few - to satisfy our Aran obsession! So, if a sweater isn't your thing, there are lots of Aran alternatives available for you and your loved ones this Winter to get involved in the Aran craze! The Aran stitching in each garment represents a variety of things such as family, health, value, success, friendship and is a truly different garment to call your own. There are many different stitches that feature in the Aran Sweater and variants such as the honeycomb stitch, the diamond stitch, the moss stitch, the cable stitch, zig zag stitch and tree of life to name a few. All your Aran Sweater needs can be met on our website, which is 100% Irish owned and managed. We are experts in the Aran Sweater and are happy to help in any way possible with your purchasing journey.

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Aran Sweaters

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