100% Wool Hooded vest / gilet with ears

100% Wool Hooded vest / gilet with ears


Keep your little ones enjoying the outdoors in cold weather with these 100% wool junior vest ears.

The charming gilet-style vest is 100% wool and features two little ears on the hood, just like a bunny! It is versatile and available in several neutral colors with many outfits and styles. 

These vest ears will become your child's favorite accessory regardless of age. You can style them in two different ways depending on the temperature. On colder days, the vest can go under a coat to add an extra layer for warmth. The vest may be worn alone or over a light sweater on relatively warmer days.

Not only are these 100% wool junior vest ears cute and stylish, but they are also highly functional. They keep one warm on chilly days. They are not itchy even when worn alone against the skin, as their soft lining ensures comfort. Furthermore, these vests are easily customized by adding embroidery patches for that personal touch. 

Made in Ireland from soft wool, these 100% wool junior vest ears are an excellent investment. They are made from high-quality materials that are durable and easy to care for because the high-quality wool does not stain easily. Additionally, this material is strong enough for machine and hand washing. 

The vest is available in sizes, from S to XL, to accommodate every child. Custom sizes are also available to order. Other unique features include:

  • 100% wool construction that’s super soft for comfortable movement 
  • Available in various colours for better styling preferences
  • Durable textile that lasts longer than synthetic fabrics
  • Beautiful design that’s adorable and unique
  • Stain-resistant material that’s easy to clean