Kids Hand-Knit Sweaters and Cardigans

From the finest Aran knitwear to our wide selection of colors and styles, we know a thing or two about the traditional Irish kids clothing to keep the little ones feeling warm and looking stylish, at the right price! Shop kids knitwear online today and take advantage of our special offers on all Merino wool Aran cardigans and sweaters!

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Kids Handknit Merino Cardigan
$73.40 $76.55
Kids Handknit Merino Sweater with button feature R404
$62.90 $73.40
Baby Handknit Irish Aran Hoody
$62.90 $73.40
Kids Handknit Merino Sweater Made in Ireland
$62.90 $73.40
Babies Handknit Aran Gloves
$29.30 $31.17
Handknit Sheep Booties
$29.30 $31.17
Handknit Baby Booties
$29.30 $36.65