Baby & Toddler Sweaters

Shop our beautiful range of Aran sweaters for babies, toddlers and those awesome small kids in your life, ideal for keeping little ones cosy all year round! All of our kids' sweaters are crafted with care in Ireland. Super cute styles and premium quality, they also make a great gift for special occasions.
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Baby Handknit Irish Aran Hoody
€54.90 €69.90
€39.90 €49.90
Kids Handknit Merino Cardigan
€54.90 €69.90
Kids Handknit Merino Sweater with button feature R404
€49.90 €59.90
Handknit Sheep Booties
€19.90 €29.90
Handknit Baby Booties
€19.90 €29.90
Babies Handknit Aran Gloves
€19.90 €29.90
Kids Half Zip Aran Sweater Denim
€39.90 €59.90
Kids Irish Aran Sweater Aqua
€29.90 €49.90
Kids Irish Aran Sweater Red
€29.90 €49.90
Kids Aran Sweater Burgundy
€29.90 €49.90
Handmade Super Soft Merino Wool Children's Hat Autumn