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Sweater Shop is a family run business which was established in 1986 by Dom Byrne who still runs the company to this day. The Sweater Shop is truly a family affair with Dom, his daughter Laura, daughter in law Kate, Sister Breege and niece Alva involved in the business!  When asked by a journalist from The Irish Times about what made his shop so special in 1986 Dom commented 'quality, value and selection' and this remains true to this day. The large selection of superb quality Irish Aran knitwear at reasonable prices became so popular with locals and visitors that the business quickly expanded and now there are outlets in Dublin, Kilkenny, Killarney and Galway city.


How to Wear an Aran Sweater an Essential Style Guide

Classic, comfy and well-knit, the traditional Aran sweater is today worn as a trendy statement and the perfect start to a cosy fall or winter outfit. But it traces its roots to the 17th century and th

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The Day The Irish People Take Over the World [Infographic]

Emigration is embedded within the Irish DNA - it's our relationship with other countries that have allowed Ireland to become one of the most loved nations. For one day a year, Ireland manages to impri

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An Irish Aran Sweater Displayed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York!

The Irish Aran sweater – an instantly recognisable iconic style worthy of a place among the Museum of Modern Art’s landmark fashion garments. The definition of a classic, in many ways, is how well

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