Irish Flat Cap

The quintessential Irish flat cap is a rounded cap with features a small stiff brim at the front. The style dates back over 600 years and still remains popular in Ireland and throughout North America. It has been known by many different names including, the classic 'Paddy cap', golf caps, driving hats, bicycle caps, newsboy cap, cabbie cap and Irish cap.

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Kerry Peak Cap Herringbone Col: 31
€49.90 €64.90
Trinity Cap Light Blue Herringbone col.110
€39.90 €59.90
Trinity Flat Cap Patchwork Brown
€44.90 €64.90
Trinity Flat Cap Black
€39.90 €59.90
Trinity Flat Cap Dark Brown Herringbone 335-1
€39.90 €59.90
Trinity Flat Cap Green Red Herringbone Col: 27
€39.90 €59.90
Trinity Flat Cap Blue Herringbone col.34
€39.90 €59.90
Kerry Cap Brown Herringbone