Aran Cable Knit Hat Pom Pom Green

Aran Cable Knit Hat Pom Pom Green

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Stay snug all winter with this stylish Aran cable knit hat. The hat is stylish and cozy for bundling up in cold weather. It is made from soft, 100% merino wool yarn, which traps heat. The inside has a soft fleece lining to add warmth and keep your hair free from lint.

It features a beautiful Aran cable knit design that is both classic and stylish. It also has a fuzzy Pom Pom at the top for a bit of fun flair. While the design is trendy, it's timeless and will serve you for years.

While the deep army green color is vibrant and stands out, it also has a natural and rustic vibe. Since it has a cool hue, it matches well with most outfits and adds a sense of luxury to your winter wardrobe. For example, you could match it with a green coat or scarf for a coordinated look. 

This hat is a piece of perfection that is sustainably produced in Ireland from 100% soft merino wool. It’s a high-quality product worth every cent due to its durability and ease of care. With proper care, you will have this hat in your collection for a long time. 

Here are other reasons why you shouldn’t miss this Aran cable knit hat in your wardrobe:


  • Merino wool has UV protective properties
  • Aran cable knit design makes it unique
  • Faux fur pom pom is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Lined with soft fleece for extra warmth and comfort
  • One-size-fits-all (also available in other sizes)

Wash Care

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