Cashmere Baby Blanket Pink

Cashmere Baby Blanket Pink


Gift your baby this beautiful cashmere baby blanket from the Irish Family Producers in Tipperary County, Ireland. This cozy, long-lasting baby blanket is smooth and soft to the touch. It is made with the finest cashmere and merino wool that’s gentle on your baby’s skin. 

The piece blends 95% merino and 5% cashmere to create a classic, elegant and luxurious blanket that will leave your little one feeling snug all day long. Moreover, this baby blanket has natural insulating properties that offer lightweight comfort and breathability, all while keeping your little one warm. 

Generally, you don’t need to wash this cashmere baby blanket more often thanks to the natural antibacterial properties of cashmere that allows it to repel odor. The natural, non-toxic materials make this baby blanket a perfect and safe choice for your little one.

This gorgeous baby blanket measures 70 x 100 cm (27 x 40”), long enough to wrap around your little angel, offering warmth and coziness. The soft material promotes sleep and soothes your baby. The blanket is easy to maintain — handwash with a gentle shampoo.


  • A perfect blend of merino and cashmere for warmth, softness, and comfort
  • A beautiful product from the Irish Family Producers in Tipperary County
  • Comes with natural insulating properties, delivering comfort and breathability
  • Measures 70 x 100 cm (27 x 40”)
  • Hand Wash with a gentle shampoo — no dry cleaning needed

Wash Care

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