Felt Wool Scarf Blue with Yellow Flower-One Size

Felt Wool Scarf Blue with Yellow Flower-One Size

Color Yellow Mix
Size One Size

As a lady, stepping out in style shouldn't be a hustle when you can adorn yourself with our Felt Wool Scarf Blue. Hand-made in our very own store by our amazing manager, Anna, this scarf will add elegance and class to any outfit. 

Made from soft merino wool, the scarf is guaranteed to keep you warm when it gets chilly and cool as it gets warmer. With the bulk of the material being soft to the touch, you can be sure to remain cozy and comfortable all day long.

Its one size fits perfectly, leaving enough room for breathing and movement. Furthermore, you won’t have to fuss about it falling off your shoulders since wool is a non-slippery fabric.

The shawl’s blue color matches the yellow corsage flower, adding a bit of flair to your outfits. And the best thing about it is that you can ask for custom-made commissions if you have a different color in mind. Anna is more than happy to help. Other interesting features include:

  • It doesn’t fall off your shoulders since wool is a non-slippery fabric.
  • It's made of natural merino wool, which is soft and comfortable.
  • The yellow corsage can be worn with any other clothing.
  • You can get a custom-coloured scarf on demand.
  • The scarf is available for shipment.

Wash Care

While our sweaters are a great choice, because they are warm and durable, proper care should be always taken to protect your garment. We recommend all of our sweaters and wool garments are gently hand washed with a mild wool detergent, reshaped by hand and dried flat. If soaked for too long, the wool may shrink and become hard.

Alternatively, most of our sweaters can also be dry cleaned but always check the care label first. Under no circumstances should you machine wash or tumble dry your sweater or any other wool product. Remember, when you give your sweater great care, it will last you for a long time.