Girls Handmade Ribbed Hat - Green

Girls Handmade Ribbed Hat - Green

Color Green Mix

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This stunning handmade hat made of 100% superwash merino wool promises comfort and style in winter. The super—soft wool is perfect for any skin type and ideal for outdoor days. You can have that bespoke look by letting us know your colour requirements and our amazing manager, Anna, will make it at our very own store.

This hat is crafted to cover the head and ears in size sets of 7–8, 5–6 years, 3–4 years, and 1–2 years. Taking care of this gem is easy, as it is machine washable. The ribbed edge ensures threads will not warp and make the hat twist out of shape. The colour combination makes it easy to pair with any garment and a matching scarf to have a laid back look.

Wool has moisture—wicking properties to keep you warm outdoors or sitting by the fireplace. Wool also has antibacterial characteristics and absorbs sweat, keeping you fresh day and night. The thermoregulating abilities of wool will keep you cool in the summer since the heat will not pass through the breathable surface.

Wool is also durable and can stretch without alteration or fold without breaking. Other features include:

  • It is mildew and mold—resistant
  • It is extremely flexible and durable
  • Helps you keep cool in the summer and warm in winter
  • The superwash merino wool is easy to clean safely
  • Merino wool is hypoallergenic and is ideal for all skin types