Handmade in Ireland Felt Wool Scarf with Flower Tie - Purple/ Green

Handmade in Ireland Felt Wool Scarf with Flower Tie - Purple/ Green

Color Purple
Size One Size

This handmade felt wool scarf with a flower tie is the perfect piece to gift any special woman in your life. Featuring a flower-like design, it will add elegance and femininity to all your outfits, allowing you to step out in style.

Being handmade in-house, it is unique from the others, meaning you get to wear a design that lets you stand out. Moreover, it was designed to transform a coat, sweater, or poncho into something unique and eye-catching. So, don’t be afraid to try out different outfits with it.

The scarf is long enough to go around your neck twice and through the hole on the other end to hold the flower in place. This means you could style yourself according to the look you are going for.

The combination of pink and yellow makes it a beautiful piece of art to wear. You can request a different colour combination, and we will be happy to help. Other features that make it unique include:

  • The Combination of silk and wool gives a luxurious feel.
  • The fabric is soft to the touch, and  ideal for people with irritable skin.
  • The fabric used to make the scarf is light enough to allow efficient mobility.
  • The beautiful hue of purple and yellow perfectly highlights bright colours like white.