Handmade in Ireland - Super Soft hat with pom pom - CHARCOAL MIX

Handmade in Ireland - Super Soft hat with pom pom - CHARCOAL MIX


Enjoy the warmth and quality of wool in this super chunky, luxuriously soft pom-pom hat.  This hand-made hat has a ton of texture, features chunky wool fabric, and is hand-dyed, making it a solid fashion statement during winter.

The black/grey color mix properly to deliver an impossibly chic effect and would match with nearly all color outfits. However, if the black/grey hue doesn’t match your needs,  you can specify a custom color during your order, and our manager, Anna, will customize the color for you.

Whether you want to bundle up and stay cozy indoors during winter or would rather keep your head and ears toasty outdoors, this soft and warm hat fixed with a pom-pom will live up to the task. We exclusively knit and dye this hat and can make it unique for you.

Expect to make a great impression on your family portrait and strike the right balance between comfort and style with this woolen hat that provides a soft, pleasant sensation on your skin. Other outstanding features include:

  • The resilient fabric prevents unintentional felting
  • Customizable colors get you a hat that matches your wardrobe
  • 100% wool fabric provides excellent thermal regulation during harsh winters
  • Hand-knit and hand-dyed clothing offers the maximum possible customization