Handmade in Ireland - Super Soft hat with pom pom - Natural

Handmade in Ireland - Super Soft hat with pom pom - Natural

Color Beige

Dress for the weather and keep your head and ears warm with this slouchy pom-pom hat that suits nearly any thickness. Expect the thick woolen knit to keep you warm during winter and autumn, the crotched pattern to get you aesthetic appeal, and the natural color to blend well with most of your outfits.

If the natural color doesn’t rhyme with your outfit, we’ll be happy to make any color requirements you might have in mind for this beautiful hat. All you have to do is specify your favorite color when placing your order, and we’ll hand-dye it for you.

Unlike other fabrics, this woolen hat will regulate your temperature, keep you dry and comfortable, and absorb moisture to minimize sweat on the skin when transitioning to autumn. 

Whether you have outdoor activities to do in the freezing temperatures or you just want to keep your head warm in subzero temperatures indoors, this super soft hat with pom-pom can be a great fit. Other exciting features of this hat include:

  • Customizable with a snood for a complete match
  • The customizable color matches your hat with outfits
  • Natural material and color eliminate chances of skin irritation
  • The fabric has an antimicrobial effect that keeps the hat fresh for longer