Irish Cap


The flat cap is a rounded cap with features a small stiff brim at the front. The style dates back over 600 years and still remains popular in Ireland and throughout North America. It has been known by many different names including, golf caps, driving hats, bicycle caps, newsboy cap, cabbie cap and Irish cap. There are many different cloths used to make the cap, including cotton and wool, however the Irish tweed cap is still the most popular. Our authentic Irish hats are naturally moisture repellent and are lined for warmth and comfort, ensuring you not only look good, but they will also keep you dry and warm, whatever the weather. The sweater shop believes and encourages the traditional hand crafted woollen caps, where each hats tells its own story and our collection is inspired by the art.


The Trinity Style Cap

These beautiful 100% wool Irish flat cap are classic yet stylish, ideal for any occasion. The Trinity style features quilted lining, making it the perfect cap for cooler conditions and gives added comfort. So, why shop our 100% cotton range of authentic Irish Caps to keep your ceann warm this Winter.


Mucros Weavers Flat Caps

The muckross weavers range is crafted right here in Killarney Co Kerry, overseen by John Cahill the well known master weaver. For over 30 years Mucros Weavers have produced quality woven products, successfully preserving the traditional methods of weaving and spinning. The Mucros Weavers Patch Cap style is individually crafted from patches of Irish tweed making each thread unique - the perfect Winters choice.

Irish Flat Cap


Get a new look from The Sweater Shop. We have a unique selection of Irish flat caps that will compliment your look throughout the year.

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