Kids Aran Cardigan Burgundy

Kids Aran Cardigan Burgundy

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Stack up the perfect collection of warm wear for your little one with this beautiful Aran cardigan made from 100% merino wool. The sweater feels super soft and comfy, promising ultimate protection against morning and evening chills without any irritation.

One of this button-down sweater's main highlights is its stunning burgundy color. Combined with the appealing Aran stitches, your little one will be the best-looking kid in the room every time they wear it.

The crew neck design enables the piece to fit perfectly around your child's neck, maximizing their comfort and giving you plenty of options to mull over when layering it, such as a cute little dress or a well-fitting collared shirt. Fortunately, this sweater comes in many sizes suitable for kids between 1 and 10, enabling you to get the perfect fit for your baby.

Order this cardigan from The Sweater Shop to maintain your little bundle of joy's loveliness as they relish its warmth. More of its excellent qualities include:

  • Wrinkle resistance delivers a spectacular look
  • Ultimate durability allows you to enjoy your money's worth
  • Soft merino wool treats your child's skin with care
  • The cardigan is designed for both girls and boys, adding to its convenience 

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Wash Care

While our sweaters are a great choice, because they are warm and durable, proper care should be always taken to protect your garment. We recommend all of our sweaters and wool garments are gently hand washed with a mild wool detergent, reshaped by hand and dried flat. If soaked for too long, the wool may shrink and become hard.

Alternatively, most of our sweaters can also be dry cleaned but always check the care label first. Under no circumstances should you machine wash or tumble dry your sweater or any other wool product. Remember, when you give your sweater great care, it will last you for a long time.