We created this collection with one simple goal in mind. Women would be able to co-ordinate each sweater easily with existing pieces of their wardrobe, so, to create their perfect festive ensembles. We pride ourselves on incorporating unique features into each one of our garments so they carry an unwavering sense of elegance and remain timeless. Some of the details in our sweaters include zig-zag patterns, honeycomb & lace stitching, 3/4 length sleeves and side splits. We offer sweaters in an array of elegant colors that are current in the world of fashion. These colors are available in bright saturated shades, pastels and classics, that include charcoal, natural, sky blue and deep red options. Our sweaters are made from a variety of exciting fabrics, from authentic Merino and Aran wool knits, to chunky weight wool Cashmere. Our fabrics are soft, comfortable and will keep you warm in cold weather, making them the perfect winter choice.

A good quality Aran Sweater should feel heavier than you expect when you pick it up. Traditionally Aran Sweaters were made from untreated, undyed sheep’s wool. These were a bit uncomfortable and are rarely found now. The yarn used now is most often treated and dyed pure wool. Look for a tightly twisted yarn, which is not too soft to the touch. Soft wools will lose the stitch definition over time, tightly twisted tougher wools will not.