100% Lambswool V Neck Sweater Chilli

100% Lambswool V Neck Sweater Chilli


The 100% Lambswool V-neck Sweater Chili is an elegant, sophisticated, fashionable jumper ideal for summer wear. It’s made from 100 soft, lightweight Lamb’s wool to keep you warm and comfortable. The chili color looks good when paired with blue jeans and your favorite shirt.

Since it’s a fitted sweater, the 100% Lambswool V-neck chili runs slightly small, so be sure to purchase a larger size.

This classic and warm jumper is knitted from 100% soft and quality lambswool to keep you comfortable. In addition, the piece won’t cause any allergic reactions to your skin, thanks to the hypoallergenic characteristic of lambswool.

 The V-neck design makes this lambswool sweater ideal for formal wear, paired with your favorite shirt. Moreover, the V-neck is a flattering style that delivers a modern look.

The 100% Lambswool V-neck sweater chili is the most versatile jumper you’ll ever have in your closet. This classic, stylish and comfortable men’s sweater is available in sizes S to XXL. So be sure to pass by our shop to get your perfect fit. The piece is made in Ireland from soft, high-quality lambswool through excellent craftsmanship.

Here are other features that make this V-neck sweater a unique addition to any wardrobe: 

  • 100% lambswool that’s supersoft and lightweight for free movement
  • Chili color that pairs perfectly with warm and cool tones
  • Stain-resistant wool material that’s easy to clean
  • V-neck design to compliment your figure
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5 /5
Donna Dentice 2024-06-01 04:55:01
I would like an orange colour also, but you don't appear to have such a colour.
kees Hielema in Netherlands 2023-01-25 16:49:17
everything was like the add