Aran Cable Pullon Hat Denim

Aran Cable Pullon Hat Denim


If you’re looking for something to add to your winter essentials, the Aran Cable Pullon Hat might just be what you need. It’s made of pure wool, courtesy of which you won’t have to fret about comfort and warmth.

Further, the fabric is soft to the touch and features a Polyester lining that adds to the beanie’s overall comfort. The lining is moisture-proof to boot, so it won’t allow melted snow to seep in – a feature that makes the Aran Cable Pullon Hat an ideal winter buddy.

The hat’s knitting is nothing less professional and includes a stylish branded Erin label finish on the hat’s side. Regarding color, this hat is available in Denim blue, but you can get it in other colors, including red, navy, oatmeal, charcoal, and white. 

Best part? The Aran Cable Pullon Hat swanks an impressive stretch of 55cm to 61cm – so yeah, expect it to fit comfortably.

At a glance, here are features that make this hat worth it:


  • It features a 55cm to 61cm stretch to fit anyone comfortably
  • It boasts multiple hat colors besides Denim blue to choose from
  • The hat can be easily hand-washed and, therefore, a breeze to maintain
  • Made of pure wool that delivers the comfort and warmth you need during winter
  • The knitting includes a Polyester fleece lining that’s moisture-proof and comfortable








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5 /5
Zita Batsle in Belgium Oostende 2024-02-27 12:59:54
Just beautiful in authentic k itwork. My husband is very pleased