Aran Kids Multi Cable Cardigan

Aran Kids Multi Cable Cardigan


This beautiful and classic Aran multi-cable cardigan will make your kids stand out from the rest. The Aran kids’ multi-cable cardigan is a perfect piece to keep your little ones cozy and fashionable in winter. Made in Mayo County, Ireland, this beautiful garment is a unique and special winter gear for your children.

The cardigan is made from soft and breathable 100% merino wool to provide warmth and comfort. The breathable and insulating capabilities of merino wool make this beautiful sweater perfect for all weather. Moreover, you won’t need to wash the sweater more often as the fabrics are odor and water-resistant — we recommend hand washing this kids’ jumper with water and a mild wool detergent for extended longevity.

Multi-cable stitch patterns adorn this gorgeous kid’s cardigan from top to bottom, offering a classic and fashionable style. Also, the Aran stitches are a unique symbol in Irish culture.

The Sweater Shop offers the Aran kid’s multi-cable cardigan in small, medium, and large sizes for children. Place your order today from our site. Additionally, the sweater has the following features:

  • Bulk cable-stitch material offers extra warmth
  • 100% moisture-wicking merino wool keeps kids dry
  • A beautiful kid’s cardigan from Mayo County, Ireland
  • Features classic and modern multi-cable Aran stitch patterns
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