There is nothing quite like throwing on your favourite Irish Aran sweater on a cold winter day, and it's even better when you have a sweater made out of natural fibres. All our sweaters are made of 100% natural fibres such as merino wool, lambswool, and a wool and cashmere blend so they will keep you warm and toasty throughout the colder days ahead. Find out more about why these fibres are so special below.


Merino Wool is an amazing fibre due to it keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter due to its ability to regulate your body temperature. This amazing wool also transports moisture away from your skin because the fibres are porous - all this to say that your sweater will not only keep you warm, but also dry. It literally is the perfect fibre for your Aran sweater so you can wear it all year around. It's guaranteed to keep the cold weather at bay and the compliments coming your way.

A lovely example of this is our gorgeous ladies crew neck sweater crafted from Merino wool - it's a classic style that will never date.


Lambswool is wool taken from the first shearing of a sheep at around 7 months. As a result, it is soft and elastic, so it is great for Irish Aran sweaters or plain light weight sweaters. It also insulates heat and is water resistant. Looking for the perfect gift for that special guy? The beautiful men's lambswool sweater below would be the perfect luxury gift for any occasion.


The wool and cashmere blend has to be one of our favourites! This is a mixture of merino wool and cashmere that gives the softest and most luxurious feel to Irish Aran sweaters.

We are finding more and more customers want the softness of a cashmere sweater but find the price of 100% cashmere too high, therefore this blend is the perfect solution for your Aran sweater. You can have the softness and luxury of cashmere with the blend, but without the price tag.

This ladies wool cashmere trellis sweater in a gorgeous pink colour is one of our most popular styles and features this comfy blend of natural fibres.

Many of the products in our store are made with natural fibres like Merino wool, lambswool, and wool and cashmere. Browse our selection and should you have any queries, please get in touch or visit us in store! We'd love to help you pick the perfect sweater or accessory for you.

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