Kids Handknit Merino Cardigan

Kids Handknit Merino Cardigan


Handmade with the love of Ireland, this children’s merino cardigan guarantees warmth throughout the cold autumn and winter months. This adorable cardigan spots leather—look buttons for that suave look and to keep the cold at bay. The cardigan also has the traditional cable and diamond Aran design that is classy and functional.

The 100% wool used to knit up this cardigan has unique properties that make it perfect for children’s clothes. It is breathable and naturally regulates temperature helping the child play outside comfortably and keeping them warm indoors. The wool also does not irritate the child’s tender skin and is perfect for those with skin allergies.

The wool is odour resistant and keeps mold and mildew away. Thanks to its natural elasticity, wool will stretch and not lose shape for durability. The cardigan comes in three sizes: small 6–9 months, medium 9–12 months, and large 12–18 months.

Other striking features include the following:

  • The size range makes it easier to pick as a gift
  • Wool moisture—wicking properties to keep the child dry
  • The complex structure of wool makes it resilient to wear and tear
  • The signature cable and diamond Aran design adds a layer of warmth
  • Wool fibres are renewable and sustainable as each year, sheep produce fleece
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