Inis Cologne Spray

Inis Cologne Spray



We don’t all have the pleasure of opening a window and getting a fresh blast of the cool ocean air. With this Inis cologne spray, you’re guaranteed to get that clean, invigorating freshness that will make you feel close to the ocean no matter where you are. The cologne will boost your confidence and help you get in the right headspace for a successful day.

Inspired by the beauty and energy of the wild Atlantic coast of Ireland, the crystalline scent of the Inis cologne brings a feeling of happiness and captures the essence of nature in a neat and snazzy 30ml bottle. Scents around you can affect you emotionally by tapping into your subconscious and manipulating your mood. Oceanic fragrances especially are great for calming the mind and resetting your focus.

Since its launch in June 1998, this cologne has been outselling major international perfume brands around Ireland and appealing to all nationalities. Inis, which means ‘island’ in Irish, is unisex and a must—have for any toiletries shelf. Other salient features of this cologne include:

  • Unisex, making it the perfect gift for anyone
  • The signature ocean scent will make you stand out from the crowd
  • The ocean scent enhances the sense of tranquillity and sense of wellness
  • Helps you make powerful first impressions and cements important relationships

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