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9 Reasons You Should Wear Merino Wool (in Summer AND Winter)

Originating inSpain, Merino sheep are well-known worldwide for their beautiful wool. The fine fibers of the wool have many properties that make the wool an ideal material from which to make clothing. However, if you think merino wool clothes are only for the winter, think again. Here are nine reasons why merino wool clothing is perfect for winter and summer.

woman wearing merino wool scarf

It Keeps You Cool in Warm Weather

Merino sheep have evolved over millions of years and they have become pretty good at keeping themselves cool as well as warm! That means merino clothing is great to wear when its hot; it can actually help you regulate your temperature. The way it works is that the merino wool fibers can absorb moisture, so sweat is drawn away from your skin where it can evaporate into the air outside the fabric. As the moisture evaporates, heat is released, cooling the air between your skin and the fabric.

Its Odor Resistant

Merino wool is a breathable fabric that absorbs moisture leaving you cool, dry and resists odors. An added benefit for the summer months is that the wool is a natural UV barrier, so your skin is protected from damaging UV radiation.

Its Incredibly Comfortable Against Your Skin

Merino wool is the softest and finest fleece known to man. This is because the fibers are so fine. A human hair is between 60 and 180 microns in thickness; a fiber of merino wool is only 17 microns thick. In addition, merino wool is six times stronger than cotton. So, because merino wool fibers are so fine, strong and flexible, they bend when they press against your skin. This means you dont feel the prick, or itch, associated with some other wools.

Couple by the sea enjoying with merino wool blanket keeping them warm

Its Good for Your Skin

Not only is it soft on your skin, merino wool is non-allergenic. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin and can even reduce the symptoms of eczema. In addition, merino wool naturally retains moisture, so it is static resistant which means your clothes wont cling to your skin or crackle or spark when you undress.

Its Easy to Care For

Merino wool is incredibly easy to look after. Since the wool fibers naturally resist bacteria and stains and absorb odor molecules, it wont get dirty and smelly so often. This means you wont need to wash it as often. You can just air your garment by hanging it up outside where fresh air can circulate it.

It Dries Super Quick

When you do wash your merino wool garment, wash on a low temperature. When you take it out of the washing machine, you can dry your garment flat or put it on a hanger to dry. You will find that it dries fast because its such a fine fabric. Youll be good to go in less time than you think!

It Wont Wrinkle

Merino wool fibers have elastic properties so your garment wont wrinkle. This makes merino wool garments ideal for travel and packing into your suitcase. Your garment will bounce back into shape when you want to wear it. Another bonus for the summer.

little girl wearing pink poncho from Ireland

Its Environmentally Friendly

Merino wool is a sustainable material since it comes from sheep grazing on the hills of New Zealand and Australia. Their fleece is harvested twice a year. When youve finished with your merino wool garment, it is a biodegradable material which means it will naturally decompose in the soil. All of this makes merino wool a great choice for the environmentally conscious.

Its Very Warm

Merino wool fibers have a natural crimp which works to trap body heat. Merino wool garments can be surprisingly thin, which means you can wear layers. For example, when you really need to keep warm, you can choose a merino wool base layer and a merino wool shirt.

man wearing merino wool cardigan

Merino wool is sourced from sheep that graze the meadows of Australia and New Zealand. Thermoregulating in warm weather and insulating in the cold, merino wool garments look stylish and sophisticated and are incredibly practical for sportswear. Its no wonder merino wool is so popular all year round.