Irish Aran Cardigan Army Green

Irish Aran Cardigan Army Green


Finish your winter look with this green Irish Aran Classic Sweater crafted with the traditional Irish Aran stitch pattern knitted on 100% merino wool. The iconic knit pattern has been around for centuries and combines with a modern twist to add a sophisticated touch, unique charm, and heritage to your style.

Expect the 100% merino wool construction to create a luxurious texture and keep you warm and comfortable when it’s cold without undermining your style. Being lightweight but exemplary warm, merino wool fabric makes this sweater a perfect layering piece during cold months. You can count on wool’s natural breathability to regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating or getting too cold. 

The vivid green hue brings to mind the lush Irish countryside and pairs well with almost any color. More importantly, the color green complements any skin tone making it excellent for nearly everyone who wants to add classic Irish style to their wardrobe. Other exciting features of this sweater include:

  • The stunning green color pairs with nearly all outfits and skin tones
  • 100% merino wool fabric doesn’t shrink or lose shape after washing
  • Breathable fabric keeps you warm in winter and cools in the summer
  • Diamond stitch patterns add a touch of elegance to your everyday look

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Wash Care

While our sweaters are a great choice, because they are warm and durable, proper care should be always taken to protect your garment. We recommend all of our sweaters and wool garments are gently hand washed with a mild wool detergent, reshaped by hand and dried flat. If soaked for too long, the wool may shrink and become hard.

Alternatively, most of our sweaters can also be dry cleaned but always check the care label first. Under no circumstances should you machine wash or tumble dry your sweater or any other wool product. Remember, when you give your sweater great care, it will last you for a long time.

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