Pure Wool Aran Sweater Natural - Unisex

Pure Wool Aran Sweater Natural - Unisex


This unisex Aran sweater is made in Ireland from 100% Pure New Wool.

This stunning traditional sweater in the natural aran yarn is a classic piece of Irish knitwear.

This aran sweater which is the most famous style in Aran Knitting can be worn by both men and women. It brings together a variety of Irish Aran Stitches that were believed to bring luck, success, and health to the wearer.

Honeycomb represents the hard working honey bee, and Aran basket stitch brings good luck. The diamond is said to bring wealth. This crew neck aran sweater is available from XS to XXL. Warmth is the key to this style and made with 100% wool it is sure not to let you down and will keep compliments coming your way.

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Wash Care

While our sweaters are a great choice, because they are warm and durable, proper care should be always taken to protect your garment. We recommend all of our sweaters and wool garments are gently hand washed with a mild wool detergent, reshaped by hand and dried flat. If soaked for too long, the wool may shrink and become hard.

Alternatively, most of our sweaters can also be dry cleaned but always check the care label first. Under no circumstances should you machine wash or tumble dry your sweater or any other wool product. Remember, when you give your sweater great care, it will last you for a long time.

Our Customers Rate This Product
5 /5
JEFFREY S HALL 2023-02-04 10:43:30
Verified Customer - 2023-02-01 09:18:03
Very pleased with quality and design.
Verified Customer - 2023-01-28 05:10:14
Brankica Vuksanovic 2023-01-26 07:35:21
Good quality, nice product as expected. Highly recommend doing business with them
Verified Customer - 2023-01-24 12:10:42
Beautiful jumper, smells lovely
Dianne Sykes 2023-01-20 23:20:04
Phil Greer 2023-01-20 10:42:59
Really good quality product

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