Cable Knit Sweaters: A Staple in Irish Fashion

Cable Knit Sweaters: A Staple in Irish Fashion

Cable Knit Sweaters: A Staple in Irish Fashion

Are you the type that loves to invest in sustainable Irish knitwear staples? If so, then a cable knit sweater should definitely be on your list this season! 

A cable knit detail is the perfect hint of preppy and classy - its simplicity makes this piece an all-season choice that can be worn for many years to come.

Whether planning for the fall season, cable knit sweaters are sure to keep you warm during all of your favorite winter & fall activities. Got a cool day out planned? These cable knit sweaters could be your perfect match to look out for! Planning a cozy evening on the couch accompanied by your favorite movie, scented candles and hot beverage? Again, your cable knit jumper is a must-grab! 

We’ve given cable knit sweaters a style upgrade making them suitable for all fashion lovers out there! We believe our designs are the epitome of style and comfort–meticulously crafted using merino wool to offer you luxury and keep you exquisitely warm. From men's cable knit sweaters to women's cable knit sweaters and even kid's cable knit sweaters, there’s a perfect cable knit piece for everyone. Let’s explore together!

What is a Cable Knit Sweater?

In the heart of Irish tradition lies a gem revered not just for its aesthetic appeal but for its deep-rooted history and warmth - the cable knit sweater. This iconic piece of fashion transcends mere clothing, embedding itself as a cultural staple that carries the essence of Ireland's rich heritage. From the rugged cliffs of the Aran Islands to the modern streets of Dublin, cable knit sweaters have woven their way into the fabric of Irish fashion, becoming a symbol of timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship.

The cable knitting technique is a style of knitting in which textures of crossing layers are achieved by permuting stitches. Cable knit sweaters and fisherman sweaters are two types of clothing constructed using this technique, each with distinct characteristics and purposes. Cable knit sweaters feature intricate patterns resembling interwoven rope or braids. 

They are primarily worn for fashion and style, adding a unique texture to outfits. There is always a cable knit for everyone as illustrated below. 

Women's Cable Knit sweaters

Women's cable knit cardigans and sweaters are chic and cozy knitwear that should belong in every woman’s wardrobe. They go well with almost any garment and their iconic knitted design means you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort or warmth.  They are perfect for layering or wearing on their own as shown below.

Cable Knit Side Zip Cardigan Natural

This cardigan is knit with Cable Stitching, a frequently used pattern that symbolizes the ropes used by Irish fishermen and thought to invoke safety and good luck. Each stitch pattern has its history and the use of Traditional Irish Stitches throughout our garments ensures we keep our long-treasured legacy of Irish craft alive.Made from 100% Merino Wool, this beautifully fitted midweight Cable Knit Side Zip Cardigan is on-trend for any season. It features insert pockets and a side zip along the left-hand side. 

Our loyal customers worldwide appreciate the workmanship, technique, and hand detail stitched in every piece. With great design and comfort, this stylish authentic garment will not only keep you warm but also fashionable all year round.

Ladies Cable Knit Cardigan Parsnip

This stylish piece with a cozy crew neckline is a timeless essential you will reach for again and again. It has stunning Irish Aran Cable Knit stitches on the front and the back. This traditional style Irish Aran Lumber jacket oozes style and sophistication, with a fashionable high-rounded neckline. Ladies Cable Knit Cardigan Parsnip looks great with skinny jeans, leather trousers or leggings for a casual day.

Cable Knit Side Zip Cardigan Royal Blue

Our Cable Knit Side Zip Cardigan Royal Blue is made from 100% Merino wool, expertly crafted with Irish cable stitches to create a fitted, stylish look. The breathability of merino wool makes this piece ideal for all weather. The side-zip feature adds a fashionable biker-jacket feel, while two insert pockets provide the perfect combination of function and fashion. The lightweight cable shawl collar is a distinct yet classic feature of this ladies' garment that draws attention to you. Classic Aran stitching adorns this gorgeous sweater, making it a standout piece. The two side pockets will keep your hands warm or store small items to free your hands, while the high-quality merino wool makes this sweater durable with minimal care. So whether you’re wearing your official clothes, or just putting on some casual wear, be sure to complete your look with this gorgeous cardigan.

IrelandsEye Knitwear Thistle Cable Knit Sleeves Cardigan Apple

The Thistle Cable Knit Sleeves Cardigan fuses traditional Aran stitches with a playful, contemporary silhouette. It’s a relaxed style with a button-front cardigan, a gentle moss and cable lantern statement sleeves. 

It is designed to be a relaxed fit and the sleeves are designed to be long and generous. We recommend sizing down for a more fitted, chic cable look.

Men's Cable Knit sweaters

A timeless knitwear style, men’s cable knit sweaters use raised, textured stitches that cross over each other to produce thick twists, braids, woven ropes, or cord-like patterns. Often made of thick fabrics like wool, cashmere, and knitted cotton, men’s cable knit sweaters will offer coziness and heat insulation. The best men’s cable knit sweaters, as listed below, should be versatile enough to sport on the everyday street.

Unisex Heavyweight Aran Sweater Natural

This chunky fisherman cable sweater features the traditional Aran Cable pattern, distinctively knit to boost the definition of the pattern. 

Inspired by the traditional Aran Sweater, Unisex Heavyweight Aran Sweater Natural is the perfect everyday cable choice for a man who appreciates the quality of traditional Aran but values a more fitted style of sweater. It features honeycomb patterns at the center panel of the body, symbolizing hard work. 

Rows of cable stitches adorn this classic jumper on the sides of the center paneling, symbolizing the link to live. It’s available in various colors to suit your preferences.

Mens V-Neck Cable Knit Cardigan Parsnip

This thick cable knit is much chunkier and funkier and makes a style statement like no other cardigan out there. The look is timeless and will pair well over tees or another sweatshirt underneath. The lambswool is soft and made with stretch for better comfort on the go. The midweight feel is like a jacket too.It’s a stunning cardigan that will be sure to turn heads. Still unsure which cardigan to choose? Head over to our Classic to Contemporary Men’s Aran Style Guide and this hopefully will help you decide!

Unisex Cable Knit Sweaters
Cable-knit sweaters often come in gender-neutral designs and colors. This sweater effortlessly complements any outfit, making it a must-have for individuals seeking a versatile wardrobe staple. Step up your style game with our unisex sweaters, combining fashion-forward designs with practicality.

Here are some of the finest unisex designer cable items from our collection:

Unisex Heavyweight Aran Sweater Claret

This Irish Aran sweater is made of 100% merino wool in Dublin. It is a quality garment that feels and looks like a hand-knit but is knit on a loom. It is the most luxurious sweater that will last a lifetime. Unisex Heavyweight Aran Sweater Claret promotes inclusivity by breaking traditional gender norms and allowing individuals to express themselves freely. It offers more options and styles for everyone, irrespective of gender, encouraging a more diverse and open-minded approach to fashion.


This sweater also comes in a Golden Ochre color to brighten your dull moments.

Kids Cable Knit Sweaters

As parents, we want nothing but the best for our little bundles of joy, especially when it comes to keeping them snug and stylish. That's why our Kids Cable-Knit Sweaters shine, offering a unique blend of warmth, charm, and comfort. 

Below are some of the top-rated kids sweaters that every baby must have!

Kid’s Irish Aran Sweater Aqua

Our kids’ aqua-colored sweater provides unparalleled warmth and comfort, meticulously crafted from 100% Merino wool, and features classic Aran styles. Our cozy cable selection offers vibrant colors and timeless neutrals, ensuring a perfect match for every child's preferences. Our gorgeous range of kids' sweaters and cardigans boast breathable, moisture-wicking properties to keep little ones dry and snug. Practical and fashionable, our collection includes diverse Irish sweaters and cardigan options for girls and boys. Each piece is crafted with traditional patterns and the softest touch for delicate skin. 

These superior Irish sweaters for kids offer exceptional quality. Give your little ones the gift of the finest knits that ensure comfort on chilly days, with the promise of enduring coziness, style, and a rich Irish heritage.

Kids Aran Cardigan Red
The Aran stitch patterns are exquisitely crafted and the yarn is beautifully soft merino wool, which is kind to the little ones’ skin.

Knit with care, this red aran cardigan features intricate Aran stitching, adding a touch of timeless charm. Elevate your kids' style while ensuring warmth with this adorable and versatile piece for any occasion. If you’re searching for an authentic Irish sweater for your child for the cold winter and autumn weather, then this cute red cardigan should do the trick.  You can also shop our wide range of kid’s sweaters here!

Cable Knit Sweater Deals Ideal for Everyone

A truly timeless design, the classic cable knit can never go out of style or season. It remains popular today for several reasons:

Timeless Design: The braided or rope-like appearance of the cable knit pattern is a real classic, making it a popular choice for everyone’s sweater that never goes out of style.

Warmth and Comfort: Cable knit offers thick and warm qualities that are ideal for cold weather clothing such as sweaters and cardigans, as well as scarves and hats.

Versatile Elegance for Every Wardrobe: Our fashionable cable knit sweaters aren’t just warm; they’re perfect for every occasion. Whether it’s an office meeting or a casual party, pair them effortlessly with your favorite jacket, coat, or muffler for a versatile and stylish look. 

The cable-knit detailing patterns can be incorporated into a variety of different garments and accessories, while the knit design itself makes it suitable for a wide range of styles and preferences.

Pick up a Durable Cable Knit to Last You a Lifetime

The cable knit sweater is more than just a piece of clothing; it's a testament to Ireland's enduring legacy of craftsmanship and style. Its ability to blend tradition with contemporary fashion makes it a versatile and sustainable choice for those looking to add depth and character to their wardrobe. 

When well cared-for, a cableknit’s long-lasting wear and durable, high-quality materials can see it spanning multiple generations.

Whether you're braving the brisk winds of the Irish coastline or seeking comfort in a cozy corner of your home, the cable knit sweater stands as a beacon of warmth, style, and cultural pride. 

Enhance your style, warmth and comfort with The Sweater Shop’s cable knit sweaters. From bold and bright colors to cozy textures and playful patterns, there are so many exciting ways to create stylish and comfortable knits for your loved ones. 

As we embrace the changing seasons, let us also embrace the timeless charm and warmth of the Irish cable knit sweater, a true staple in any fashion aficionado's collection.

Don't let another season pass by without experiencing the warmth and style of a genuine Irish cable knit sweater. 

Visit The Sweater Shop in-store or online today to explore our exquisite collection of cable knit sweaters for men, women, and children - there’s a perfect cable knit piece for everyone!