Great Ways to Wear Aran this Spring/Summer

Look the part in Aran knitwear year-round

As we step into 2024, the timeless charm of Aran knitwear continues to enchant and evolve, seamlessly blending tradition with contemporary fashion trends. This year's update on wearing Aran in spring and summer brings fresh perspectives and innovative ways to style these iconic pieces. From casual daywear to evening elegance and everything in between, Aran knitwear proves its versatility and enduring appeal.

Embrace the new season with a nod to tradition and a flair for modernity, ensuring your Aran pieces are not just for the colder months but a year-round statement of style and comfort. Discover the latest tips and trends on how to incorporate Aran knitwear into your spring and summer wardrobe for an updated, chic look that celebrates Irish heritage and craftsmanship.

The best Aran knitwear sweaters are cosy, soft to the touch, and super effective at keeping you comfortable. In the luscious green fields that flow within the Republic of Ireland, Aran knitwear is a long-time favorite.

Each Aran Irish sweater is crafted ever-so-carefully. With more than 100,000 stitches and distinctive knitting patterns - they do a fantastic job of preserving comfort, whilst giving your skin enough space to breathe.

Initially, Aran Irish sweaters were created for fishermen who had to endure rough weather. However, as the popularity of Aran knitwear rose through the roof, they ended up reaching the global market with a whole host of authentic seasonal knitwear options to choose from nowadays.

You may think that you can only wear your Aran Irish sweaters seasonally. When the warm embrace of Spring and Summer approaches, your sweater is probably relegated to the very back of your wardrobe, swapped out for shorts and flip flops. However, due to the wide variations of styles and versatility involved - you can still rock your Aran knitwear with style in Spring and Summer seasons.

In this article, we'll dive into five great ways you can wear your Aran knitwear throughout the warmer months. And, we'll even fill you in on the many meanings of the different stitches you'll find in this beautiful clothing style.

All of the rich history involved throughout the decades of these iconic looks make the entire experience of purchasing spring and summer Aran knitwear that much more enjoyable. If you’re interested in learning about the full history and meanings behind Aran knitwear, please see our ultimate guide to the Aran sweater!

Now let's get fresh take on a true classic of Irish year-round fashion!

Meanings of the Aran Knitwear Stitches

The elaborate and unique stitches that go into the creation of all Aran Irish sweaters are what make them extremely popular and valuable. Any given sweater boasts approx. 100,000 stitches, and can take months to finish. However, the careful care and amount of time it takes to design such a beautiful creation definitely does not go unappreciated, or unnoticed for that matter.

In Aran knitwear, each stitch represents something unique and extraordinary. Let's figure out what's what:

  • The Cable Stitch - First up is the cable stitch. In Aran Irish sweaters, the cable stitch is most commonly used. It was often applied in many kinds of Aran Knitwear, used to represent a fisherman's ropes. Wearing one would better qualify said fisherman has about to have a productive day out at sea.
  • The Diamond Stitch - Diamond stitching in Aran Knitwear represents and reflects the small fields on the islands. Back in the day, they were labored upon by the many farmers that inhabited there. This stitch is used in hopes of good luck, success and wealth in the fields of the Aran Islands.
  • The Zig Zag Stitch - The zig-zag stitch represents the ups and downs of marriage, as well as the twisting cliff paths that live on the islands.
  • The Honeycomb Stitch - The honeycomb stitch embodies hard work and its sweet rewards.
  • The Trellis Stitch - The trellis stitch outlines the stone-walled fields of the Northwestern farming communities.
  • The Tree of Life Stitch - The Tree of Life stitch symbolizes the importance of the clan, clan unity, powerful parents and healthy children. Overall, its design is in hopes of long-lasting and robust family lines.

As the warmer months get nearer, check out our list of the perfect Aran knitwear for women, men, and children to transition your family wardrobe into spring and summer.

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Five Great Ways to Wear Aran this Spring/Summer

Now that we know what each stitch represents, how do we rock them this spring and summer? With warm seasons just around the corner, there's nothing better than curling up next to a toasty fire on the beach, listening to some smooth jazz, and embracing ultimate comfort in your Aran knitwear. Fashionable, durable, and highly versatile; the iconic Aran Irish sweater is a perfect addition to any outfit, any time of year.

To help you become a fashion guru, we've put together our top tips on how you can integrate Spring Aran knitwear and Summer Aran knitwear into your wardrobe. 

Of course, every trend is adaptable and should be tailored to your own individual style and taste, so visit the Aran sweater shop, choose your favorite, and get styling!

1. Casual Days

aran sweater

An Aran knitwear cardigan from an Aran sweater shop, along with a pair of jeans, has always been a classic style. Coupling your Aran Irish sweater with boyfriend or skinny jeans is effortlessly relaxed and luxurious chic.

Shop the look here.

2. Traditional with a Modern Twist

boston hat

Mixing your classic Aran Irish sweater with a Ladies Boston Hat made with Wool Felt will give you that edgy, fashion-forward appearance to your outfit you've been looking for.

Shop the look here.

3. Check Hats

This gorgeous Irish ladies hat is made of 100% wool and has an adjustable satin ribbon on the inside. It is a beautiful mix of purple shades, making it the perfect addition to your spring Aran knitwear wardrobe.

Although commonly associated with prep, check outfits are perhaps one of the most versatile and timeless patterns that never really go out of style. Check out this gorgeous purple Aran Irish sweater to bring an understated edge to your own personal style.

Shop the look:

Ladies Irish Flapper Cap Purple Check

Cashmere & Merino Fine-knit Sweater Lavender

4. Evening Wear

Dress to impress for a glamorous, comfortable evening. The Aran Irish sweater may not immediately spring to mind when thinking of evening wear attire; however, as the years pass, fashionistas and influencers have inspired us to think differently.

This stunning wool/cashmere sweater is the perfect spring and summer Aran knitwear wardrobe staple. It's the ideal evening wear option as you dress it up with a leather skirt and tights.

Available in a range of colors, this fashionable piece is guaranteed to appeal to those stylish ladies looking for something that will take them from season to season. One size, this cosy sweater features long sleeves for extra warmth on some cooler Spring and Summer nights, but is perfect for wearing on its own on warmer days.

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 5. Rainy Spring and Summer Days

With its deep dipped hem, generous hood and the highly waterproof fabric, this Raincoat is one with a difference. Alongside its wet weather credentials, which is a must for the Irish weather even throughout the summer and spring days - this look is not only elegant, but also trendy.

The adjustable waist drawcord and turn-back cuffs mean that you are free to wear the coat exactly the way you want to. With soft cotton striped shirt lining for comfort, a two-way zip, and snap fastened rear vent, you’ll be comfortable and dry even on the wettest walk.

Pair it up with a gorgeous Aran knitwear Sweater like this light-weight one made in Dublin. It is light, luxurious and soft to wear—a magnificent addition to your Spring and Summer wardrobe.

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5 Perfect Aran Sweaters for Spring and Summer

As the warmer months near, check out our list of the perfect Aran sweaters to transition your wardrobe into spring and summer in style.


The Aran waterfall cardigan is first on our list of must-haves for spring and summer wardrobes. Beautifully crafted using a lightweight zigzag Aran stitch, this cardigan feels less chunky than sweaters made for winter-wear. Its delicate Aran stitches create a slimming silhouette and allow for breathability and movement. This season, the Aran waterfall cardigan comes in a variety of neutral colours designed to complement spring and summer palettes. This cardigan tops our list as the perfect spring and summer Aran sweater as comfortably chic daily wear, and for dressing up at the office or with a little black dress on an evening out.


The classic Aran sweater has come roaring back in popularity over the past few years. It has graced the catwalks of designers like Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, and Michael Kors and even earned a place in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. By now, everyone should have the natural cream Aran sweater in their wardrobe - but if you don't, now is your chance! In addition to the natural beauty of the cream Aran sweater, spring and summer call for a lighter, brighter range of colours. Enter: the pastel Aran sweater. This gorgeous range of spring and summer pinks and purples highlight the fusion of classic Aran tradition with modern style. Crafted from the highest-quality merino wool, the pastel range of Aran sweaters are perfectly suited to pair with denim or a printed skirt.


This delightful Aran poncho feels like wearing a blanket - but make it fashion. It's number 3 on our list of perfect Aran sweaters for spring and summer for its comfort and versatility. You can add layers beneath your poncho as needed. And, at one-size-fits-all, it makes a lovely and comfortable gift. Choose from a collection of 8 rich colours (raspberry, green, teal, navy, oatmeal, natural, mint, and charcoal).


Brand new to our shop, this side button Aran cardigan blends the unique beauty of traditional Aran knitwear with a practical style. The panels in this Aran sweater feature a collection of intricate Aran stitches, making it a stunning addition to any wardrobe. With its single button, this Aran style functions as a blend between cardigan and wrap. Its colour choices of silver grey, baby pink, and lux cream lock in its place at number 4 on our list of perfect Aran sweaters for spring and summer.


The longline hooded jacket features last (but not least!) on our list of the perfect Aran sweaters for spring and summer. As one of our best sellers, this Aran sweater really does work for everybody. It is made of luxuriously soft merino wool and comes slightly tapered through the waist for a flattering yet relaxed silhouette. This Aran sweater is our go-to for morning springtime walks or chilly summer evenings by the fire pit - s'mores highly recommended!

We hope you enjoy styling your Aran into your Spring and Summer outfits... we know we will!

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